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Space Planning & Interior Design

Providing space planning and interior design solutions for our corporate clients has been at the core of our business for more than 15 years. Creating efficient ways of working combined with ‘eye catching’ collaborative spaces, we recognise how crucial this can be to ensure the smooth running of a company and enhancing productivity for all employees.

We obtain the client’s general brief and objectives at the initial meeting, before creating our 3D visuals and typical 2D floorplan options for the business. Once the general concept is agreed our designers can develop their vision further, whilst working in close collaboration with the client representative throughout the project.

EK Planning are very proud to have built a solid and long-standing relationship with our existing corporate clients. Supporting the Facilities team on a day to day basis, we continue to act as a key service partner for everyday ‘Business as Usual’ solutions as well as small or large-scale projects and always striving to embrace new ways of working.


I am the Facilities Manager of a medium to large corporate business within the City of London but we will soon be moving to new premises – I have been tasked with designing and planning the new office space; is this something your company would be able to assist us with?

We are responsible for showing and reporting levels of occupancy for our portfolio of buildings across the organisation and wondered if your company could help us in creating an intelligent report and library of our estate.